We are in Zuoz, a commune in the canton of Grisons in the Maloja region, to show you the project of a beautiful building.

This commune is one of the most beautiful in the Upper Engadine and preserves the fascinating atmosphere of the classic Romansh village.

It is a place visited both during the winter, with the ski resort and the many winter paths, and during the summer when you can entertain yourself in the 18-hole golf course or with hiking and mountain biking.

Families will really feel at home in this place that has been awarded the “Family Destination” seal of quality.

Zuoz has a pleasant ski area with two chairlifts, three ski lifts, a ski school for children and a centre for cross-country skiing.

Other attractions are the Bernina Railway, which connects the city of Tirano in Italy with Switzerland and San Moritz passing through mountains, lakes and glaciers;
the charming white lake nourished by the waters of the Cambrena glacier and to which it owes its milky color and then the highest coffee roasting of all Europe.

The building will be located in this commune and wants to take up the typical architectural lines of the Upper Engadine and combine them with modern comforts.

Of the 11 units that will be built, 10 will be apartments of various sizes and sizes and 1 studio.

The breakdown is as follows:
a 2.5 room,
four 3.5 rooms,
three 4.5 rooms,
two 5.5 rooms,
a studio.

The smallest room is the studio of about 40 square meters, the apartments – all with a terrace apart from the 2.5 rooms – range from small: 45 – 75 and 90 square meters, to large: over 150 square meters and one of 250 square meters!

As for the single and unique units:

The price of 2.5 is CHF 396,000;
The studio comes to the sum of CHF 460,750;
The 5.5 rooms are priced at CHF 2,528,400.
The price of the 3.5 rooms starts at CHF 807,500 and the 4.5 rooms start at CHF 1,301,500.

The heating will be autonomous with a thermal pump and served by coils.

The glass will be triple glazed with wooden fixtures and electric shutters.

There will be 3 private garages and 6 parking spaces in the garage to relieve you of the unpleasant waste of time of finding parking and the trouble of storing your belongings – at 70,000 CHF each.

At the moment an apartment is already reserved: this means that someone has already acted to secure their apartment in this fantastic place to live.

So don’t waste any more time, someone right now may call to reserve this ideal home for you and your loved ones.

Contact us at +41 091 921 24 28 or +41 78 404 56 75 and ask about the Residence of Zuoz.

Swiss Realty Partners SAGL

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